Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tea Break & Ahamshi Restaurant

Just before we 'give' Barbara back to her group for duty, a friend, Zambri insisted on going for an early tea break, or rather the lepak2 session among us. So we stopped by the the BeanCurd Restaurant, or called Ahamshi Restaurant for the fresh soya bean. The place is located nearby PWTC LRT station, also nearby the Iranian Restaurant we visited the night before. Looked like they serves lots and lots more of interesting dishes, so I planned to test out some dishes here.. Sharks Fin soup.. RM7.90 each Pan Mee Soup.. RM5 each
Watermelon Sagoo.. RM3.50 each.. really2 nice! I'm planning to come back again soon to try out the rest of the dishes.. It's finally time to bring back the queen to its own nest already..

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