Saturday, March 29, 2008

Penang Makan2 Exploration 2

The second day of Makan2 in Penang was rather interesting too.. we went to Penang to get the taste of the island's delicacy.. First stop for lunch.. Biryani Hameediah..
This is the most famous biryani in Penang.. the talk of the town.. and it's been in existence for more than 20 years alreday.. simply said, one's visit will not be complete without having Hameediah Biryani.. It's located in the middle of the downtown, but I can't remember the street..The restaurant..The crowd, full house during lunch.. daily, without fail.. The lunch set..The special-made yummy biryani.. The superb Daging Merah.. a must to take with the biryani.. Complete with the Dalca gravy.. and cucumber pickles..Simply perfect combination with perfect taste.. A must go place to get the biryani in Penang.. One of its kind!
Went to Queensbay Mall to ease up the full stomach.. and trying to get ready with the snack and dinner later.. hehehe! The scenery here is sooooo beautiful..The snack.. Ice cream in bread!
What's for snack? Instead of proper tea, we decided to go for a famous bread Ice Cream at the Botanical Garden.. You can find the uncle with his motor selling ice cream right iin front of the Botanical Garden.. wouldn't be hard to find him, eh? Yummy! Yummy! That's all I can say! Heheh! Better get myself prepared for dinner..
Dinner - Hawker Stall Gurney Drive
Since I had very heavy lunch and rather fulfiling snack, dinner is gonna be a light one.. the ever famous Assam Laksa in Gurney Drive..I blogged about it before.. and here it is again.. Simply worth it! That's the end of my Makan2 exploration in Penang.. simply worth the trip.. I'm happy.. and it's time to start to go back on diet again... heheheh!

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