Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My D.I.Y project

Sunday was supposed to be a rest day for me since I was on the road the whole day last Saturday. So it's time to check out what to do today.. Anyway, got a wardrobe given by my friend, so it's time for me to rearrange the room. That was the time when I remember about the book shelf and study table I bought some time ago.. so it's time to start with my DIY project. I wanna transfer my 2nd room to the study room.. and the study table will be placed there.. It took me the whole morning to put everything in order.. so tiring! How does it look like when it's all done? Taraaaaa... And where did I locate my bookshelf? Right in front of my new study room.. placing all the magazines of mine... heheh!I like it so much! Now I have a workstation at home.. just need a desktop as the accesories..Heheh!
Not to forget the wall lights that I got from my mom.. all installed right in front of my room, thanks to my housemate who is very handy when it comes to light installation. All done in one day.. which made me totally flat by the evening.. but I'm satisfied with the new arrangement.. Happyyyyy!

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