Saturday, March 1, 2008

Plants from Sg Buloh

It's been a while since I last went to Sg Buloh to get new plants.. and today I finally made a stop to the plants centre just to get a few new plants for my garden. Nothing much offered here, just the usual looking plants, some in a very colorful refreshing and soothing to the eyes... ...but I'm so interested to get this 3 seasons plant as the flower will turn into 3 different colors before it's gone. Bought 2 of those at only RM4 per pot.Another plant that interests me is the orange schick looking small flowered plant, which I think suites my balcony very well.. I like it very much! Quite expensive at RM13 per plant.
I'm getting a few new plants to give more soul to my balcony, adds more color and fill it with more green so that I can turn the dull balcony into the Hanging Garden of Niko.. On the air.. Hehehhe! I wish I have a proper house with ample land for me to start gardening!

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