Saturday, March 8, 2008

Makan2 @ Hometown Yong Tau Foo

I was suppose to go back to my hometown for election yesterday, the bags are packed,
and started the journey rather early, but the very horrible traffic jam from Sri Petaling to Ampang took me 3 hours, really makes me think twice before I rethink again about going back. It seems like everyone's going back for election, so instead of making myself a fool in the jam, I stopped by for makan2 at Hometown Yong Tau Foo in Ampang.
The restaurant is in front of Ampang Putri Hospital. It offers many types of cooking for all, but since I wasn't that much of having a dinner, I just took a simple Yong Tau Foo to eat with the mixture of special sauces. Just delicious! .. RM0.70/ pieceOther than that, the Assam Fish is also nice, and the chicken wings is to die for.. Just go and try it yourself..

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ahkok said...

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