Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Jalan2 @ Malacca 2

There are lots of stalls selling souvenirs in Stadhuyst building. Went to one of the stalls and got myself a cowboy hat.. nice one eh!
You can see lots and lots of trishaw or beca parking here.. all with so many different decorations.. From Stadhuyst building, I then discover the boat ride.. RM10 per ride.. it's quite interesting.. considering there's a lot of new development in Malacca town and I can see Malacca from different view.. must be very2 interesting! Thanks a lot bto Mr Bernard, the host for this boat ride who did a well done job describing the history of Malacca town and the excellent story teller of the day.. Pass thru the Eyes of Malacca.. the mini version.. cute one.. by the river..The couple dating by the river.. hehe! The people lepak2 at the coffee shop by the river..and the commodor dargon you can easily find along the river.. The Malay heritage building.. Check out the building name.. Bangunan Madonna.. Cool! The marvelous architecture of the church.. just beautiful!Stadhuyst building from the riverKincir Air mini Shops and stalls by the riverThe ship of Casa Del Mar replica from the river..Going back to the jetty.. I had a marvelous time cruising along the river.. Totally recommended for those who's visiting Malacca to include the river cruise as part of their activities here..

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