Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Jalan2 @ Port Dickson

Whilst taking my time driving around the nearby area, I decided to take a slow drive to Port Dickson. Slowly I drove from Cyberjaya to Dengkil, moving ahead to Salak Tinggi, towards Sepang, later to find out that Sepang to PD is only about 20 km away. Straight away going to PD town.. and heading to Teluk Kemang beach.It's so hot in the afternoon.. and we decided to take a rest below the trees. Quite empty since today is election day.. Some crazy people are still playing around by the beach.. What were they thinking?The kites.. so colorful.. RM10 each! Various types of souvenirs at one of the stalls.The horse is so itchy she used the cement to scratch her nose.. hehehe! Had lunch at one of the restaurant serving variety of food to choose.. I'm looking for Masak Lemak Cili Api (Spicy Yellow Curry) famous in Negeri Sembilan to eat with the rice.. Yummy! A place you must stop for your lunch..

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