Tuesday, September 4, 2007

TOW Happy Independence Day, Malaysia

MERDEKA! MERDEKA! MERDEKA! Happy Independence Day… Malaysia! Usually life starts at 40, and when you reach 50, that means you are mature enough in life faced with all the challenges and lessons that brings you to a level of maturity. The same goes to my beloved country, Malaysia. At the age of 50 years of independence, so many experiences and challenges met and sure enough, taught its people to become mature side by side with the age of our independence. One thing for sure, there’s no place like Malaysia and would like to say that I love you, Malaysia.

Long holiday eh? So, tomorrow, I wanna make myself merdeka from KL and decided to take a trip up north. Why I didn’t specify the places to go? Because I’m gonna make a few stops along the way, meet my granny in Kuala Kurau and spend some time in Penang. May be I will drop by Alor Setar if time permits.

So before the long journey, tires need to be changed first,
engine oils need to be checked and added accordingly plus some other minor checks on the engine.

This is to ensure safe journey back and forth. Once done, I’m all set to go! Yeaaahhaaaa! Here I come to my own version of Cuti Cuti Malaysia.

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