Thursday, September 27, 2007

TOW IRB Rugby World Cup 2007 @ France.

I slept rather late last night from watching the ‘live’ game on NTV7. It was an awesome game of Samoa vs. USA last night. It has been showing on air for quite a while now, but I haven’t had the time to watch it, as the game is held usually early in the morning (plus I don't have sports channel). Watching the game reminds me of the school time where I was one of the rugby player (rugger) for school. We won a few state titles under 15 and under 17 during those times. We are indeed the rugger of SMSAH!! Yeahaaaa!!(Photos from
Samoa is playing with the blue jersey while USA in red jersey. In some way, I really enjoyed this game as USA really gave a big fight to Samoa in this game despite the fact that the whole world knows that Samoa is quite a strong team (though this is Samoa’s first win).
The first half of the game displayed the domination of Samoa team, one touch down after another. It is expected as Samoa is one of the strongest team in rugby. Samoa leads with 22 to 3 at the end of first half. However, it all started in second half, where USA sense that they can do this, gave a remarkable fight as they believed that they have the tendency to catch up with Samoa.The game also saw Samoa being a bit inconsistent and undisciplined, playing rough snipping the ball and all. May be the pressure from the first touch down and a few tries by USA in 2nd half of the game changed all. It is somehow amazing looking at the way USA team played last night, considering rugby isn’t their No.1 game in USA. Although they didn’t get the needed points, I think they played consistently in 2nd half and showing a tremendous focuses during the game. Full credit to USA team. Great game… really enjoyed it… especially the 2nd half of the game.
After the full time, Samoa won the game 25 to 21 by USA. Too bad for USA that they hafta go back, but still, you guys rock. Bravo, USA!!!

Next game:
England vs. Tonga
Sat 29/09/07 2.30 a.m.
Live @NTV7

I’ll share with you on the World Cup info and also the rules & regulations of rugby soon.

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