Tuesday, September 4, 2007

TOW The Trip Up-North (Part 1)

FRIDAY - 31/08/07

The journey starts at 8am. A friend is accompanying me and I will be driving all the way.
We decided to start early as the highway is expected to be jammed during the day. It is not that bad.
Though there are many cars on the highway, the situation is still manageable and the cars are still moving steadily.

We passed thru the tunnel. I'm busy taking pictures...
and this one is called LIGHTS AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL.
We made a short stop for a coffee break and continued our journey. At about 11.30am, we finally reached our first destination, TAIPING. What’re the interesting places to visit in Taiping? Explore! Explore! The small town itself is the main attraction afterall. As we drove along the town, I can't help but noticed the old buildings that reside in Taiping. This is a laid back town and I can definitely find a different kind of peace here.
So, what’s the specialty food here? We end up at the food bazaar right in the middle of Taiping town, below Larut Matang Supermarket. What's good here?

I chose to eat Kueyteow (my fav). Very delish at only RM2 per plate. Cheap, isn't it?

And also a nice bowl of Ice Kacang... RM1 only.
So our stomach is full and we decided to go some place to relax. Taiping Lake Garden it is... As we enter the area, which is part of the town landscape, I couldn't resist but to appreciate the ancient beauty of the Lake garden. Can't find this kind of gorgeous scenery elsewhere in Malaysia. It is so awesomely beautiful that I've taken a whole lot of pictures. The scenery is so amazing that we spent quite some time here, relaxing and appreciate the view... and most important of all, taking a nap!!!
At about 6pm, we continued our journey to my granny's house in a very small town called Kuala Kurau, about 30km from Taiping. Somehow the place is famous for its Bird's sanctuary in Kuala Gula. But now is not the season for bird's to migrate yet so we decided to skip the place.

Somehow, there is another reason why Kuala Kurau is famous for, its Kari Ikan Sembilang. And I won't want to miss the makan time here. So, eat people... eat!

It's quite a tiring makan trip this time. So we will take a rest for the day. Can't wait for tomorrow's journey...

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