Monday, September 17, 2007

TOW Berbuka Reunion at Madam Kwan

I got an SMS yesterday from a good friend to inform me about a small berbuka reunion at Madam Kwan KLCC. It has been a while since I last met my friends from the university for a chit chat session like the ol’ times. This may be a small reunion, with not so many of us joining, and This is also a good time for me to berbuka outside at a good place like Madam Kwan.It’s been raining since 2pm, and on my way to KLCC, I can see the dark clouds are all over, covering almost half of KLCC and Menara KL.
My 2 friends were already waiting for me at KLCC. I found a Zakat counter on my way to see my friend so I managed to pay for zakat for this year.
It’s still early, so we decided to relax a bit and take a fresh air in front of the fountain.
KLCC is so beautiful from the park with amazing scenery. I was so carried away with the stunning scenery (plus another friend who can’t stop talking… haha!), we didn’t realize that it’s already 6.30pm.
While waiting for the others to come, we quickly rush to Madam Kwan to order first so that the dishes are ready by berbuka time. The place is packed. So many people around.We were moved to a private room so we can have our chit-chatting comfortably.I like the chandelier. Free kurma for berbuka.The dishes ordered, and reached just nice at berbuka time.
Egg Foo YongAssam SquidsMackerel CurryBean sprouts with Belacan Another one is Sweet and Sour Chicken, which I forgot to take the picture. The dishes are all very delish with a reasonable price also. My friend is paying… Thanks a lot, Zambri!!
Next is the coffee cum lepak session, on June (Thanks a lot also, June). So we marched to Starbucks for cakes and Ice blended.This is when June started with her experience working in Bangkok and Germany. She just got back from Germany and now working in Bangkok for a Germany company. Such a nice chat with June, Aini and Azyy together with Zambri. It’s been a long while since we did this together, so this is the time to cope up with whatever left.So good to see you guys again. We are planning for an open house at Aini’s house after raya. Hopefully we can gather again soon.

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