Wednesday, September 12, 2007

TOW My Karaoke Nite

Nothing much happening today. It's just a normal working day... just went to Sate Kajang (not in Kajang) for lunch. There are so many branches of Hj. Samuri Sate Kajang nowadays so we managed to go to a branch in Awan Besar (along Kesas Highway) for a taste of Sate Kajang. Somehow, me and my colleagues felt like we need to feed ourselves enough before puasa. Hahahah!!!
The Place.
The ever famous Sate Kajang
Later in the evening, I just felt like we all need to go for a karaoke session before puasa. So I called my friend and my brother to karaoke at E-Box Sri Petaling.
By the way, today is Men's Day, so all men only pays RM8 per head for a 3 hours melalak session. Hehehe!! Men's Day is on Tuesday while Ladies Day is on Thursday. They only charge RM8 all day long during the given days.
Where is the place? It is situated within Endah Parade, a small mall within Sri Petaling area, which hosts Carrefour etc. E-Box is situated at the 5th Level, next to the Futsal fields.
I hafta wait for the guys to arrive, so took a simple dinner, KFC Original Snack Plate. It's been a while since I last visited Mr. Kolonel and his secret recipe. But over the years, the taste never fails to excite people to come and visit for more. It's yummy yummy!!
Back to E-Box karaoke.
The place is so colourful inside and outside.
We got Room 35. Small room with colorful background. A friend is busy taking this picture.
The sound system is not as impressive as RedBox. But for RM8 per head, with one free drink, it is just OK. Thank god they have updated the latest song in their list. We karaoke until past midnight.
We are all tired from the working day and the melalak time. Time to go back and sleep. Another working day tomorrow befor puasa. Good Nite!!

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