Saturday, September 8, 2007

TOW Berjaya Times Square and One In A Million audition

Early in the morning, my brother came to the house, knocking at the door so hard i guess it wakes up the neighbours nearby. He came for a reason, for me and my friend to accompany him to One In A Million (OIAM) audition. Unfortunately, after a few episodes of Freinds Season 2, we decided that it is too late for him to audition today. But then, we still need to go there to get a hold of what's going on.

As expected, the traffic jam is all over that we have to avoid several routes just to arrive at Berjaya Times Square.
I let my brother settle his own thing while I walk around the mall. It's either there's not so many people around the mall, or the mall is too big.

Another hour later only I realize that there is a showcase for OIAM season 1 winners. Not so many people around though.
The showcase is at 4pm so I decide to wait while they give away the gifts from TM Streamyx and 8TV. I'm not in a know about who are the previous contestants, but who knows, may be these kids are all really good singers.

I got a big hand from Streamyx.

Bluehyppo in the house.

The show begins. A guy named Awal and a gorgeous lady named Melinda host the show.

First singer, Lokman. I have no clue who he is but he surely has a nice tone of voice. Just a bit lack performance wise. A bit like indonesian singer.

Second singer, Farah Asyikin. The lady obviously has a big gigly voice that can hit high note easily and she sings very2 well. But to succeed as a singer in Malaysian industry, one has to have the 'it' factor. She has the package but lack of the 'it' factor.

Third to come out is Aliff. He overplayed during the intro session but the song is good. Not so impressive kiddo.

Last of the clan is the winner of the first season, Suki. She's very cute, and she can sing well too. Given more chances and continuous coaching. She can be somebody in Malaysian industry.
Looking at those talent, hopefully my brother can do it tomorrow. He's surely confident of his talent, so I'm hoping that he can make it.

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Aris Zaril said...

Wow... cool, you managed to catch the One in Million roadshow. I wanted to attend but I wasn't free on that day. Now thanks to your pics I can get a glimpse :)

PS: Big Farah fan here :P