Sunday, September 23, 2007

TOW Plants @ Sg Buloh

I wasn't well yesterday. Somehow I got a very bad headache, so I didn't plan to go anywhere. But when my friend asked me to go somewhere green and calm, I immediately agreed and we end up in Sg Buloh to check out new plants.
Since he agreed to drive, I can sit quietly in the car and take photos whenever needed. I’m really not in the mood to take photos as my headache is really killing me. We arrived in Sg Buloh at about 4pm. To my surprise, the place is quiet and empty.I was so delighted, as then I can take the time to browse thru the plants, row by row. My friend told me that my face turned happy as soon as we arrived there… what a plant freak!! Hahaha!! There are many2 rows of flowery plants as well as green plants.I’m thinking of buying water plants. It’s so peaceful here… I’m surrounded by all the greenery. Suddenly, I realized that my headache slowly vanished over the calm and serene greenery surrounding of Sg. Buloh’s landscape plants. May be that’s what I need, a break in a flora and fauna ambience or something!!
I finally bought a few water plants for my Balcony Garden. I’ll post later on the transformation of my new Balcony Garden. Time for him to drive back and find a place for berbuka.
Anywhere will do!!
My headache was totally gone by then.

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