Sunday, September 23, 2007

TOW New Looks of Garden Balcony

What plants did I buy at Sg Buloh? Taraaaaa!!
I’m now ready to transform my Garden to a brand new look. Transformation in progress!!After an hour, Jeng! Jeng! Jeng! This is how it looks like…
From the balcony
From the top
From the living area
Even my fishes are definitely getting bigger in such a short time.
You can see how tame they are and how well they behave in front of me, especially when the food is served. Hehehe!
Just wanna share these photos in this blog. I’m hoping to get a few more from Jalan Pudu to add to the collection. The more the merrier. This is my soul therapy. It may be weird to some people, but I definitely find a heaven in me when dealing with fishes and plants. I don’t care what people said, as long as I’m happy!!


iRwan said...

wow! dah cntik sky garden dia.. LOL nanti letak lighting sket kasi lebih menawan waktu malam..

tukangtaip said...

I should learn the art of space management from you. Congrats! :-)