Monday, September 24, 2007

TOW Ramadan Bazaar @ Sec 14, PJ

Happy Monday all!! I’m all blues over Monday, as usual. It seems to me like Ramadan is turning into a food fiesta. Now, I should be freaked out as it affects my diet and food intake. The desire for food is shooting high whenever I’m visiting the Ramadan Bazaar, but still I managed to buy the necessaries so far. I don’t want to be wasting unwanted food which I ended up not eating anymore. But well, if I’m not taking advantage of the month to visit the Ramadan Bazaar, when else? .The place is at Sec 14, PJ near to the mosque. This is a famous Ramadan Bazaar to visit as they offer so many variety of food to choose from. The food is also good, just slightly more expensive than the other places. It’s my aunt’s favorite place to buy food during Ramadan
Quite a variety choice of food. I'm gonna focus on the specialties here only...Cendol Durian is selling like hot cake here
Pulut Udang also attracts people here.Kerang Bakar fried with sambal on hot plate.The rests are similar to other Ramadan Bazaar.
Bought 2 slices of beef rendang for berbuka with nice white bread. That's all.Nothing new!! I'm bored with Ramadan Bazaar already.

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Awangku Yusli said...

Well, I've never been to any pasar Ramadhan in your area. I've only been to 2 so far: Desa Pandan and Pandan Indah (I live in Ampang). Pandan Indah is the better of the 2. Have to try some other areas. Maybe Wangsa Maju. You should try too :)

Selamat berpuasa.