Wednesday, September 19, 2007

TOW Ramadan Bazaar @ Sungei Besi

In line with my Jalan2 Bazaar Ramadan plan, today I stopped at Sungai Besi for berbuka dishes. It is definitely merrier than Kinrara, lots of people cramping at the same spot. The hawkers there were kinda aggressive and noisy, screaming over their products. Somehow it reminds me of Pasar borong. Hehehe! One thing I realized here is that the hawkers are really the pro and experienced one, meaning that they have been around selling the same stuff even though it’s not puasa time. Compared to some other places where most of the hawkers are people who only try their luck to do business during puasa time. You can see from the food presentation, the PR skill and definitely the taste of food.
Sooooo many choice of food to choose from. Choices of kuih. Bought myself the popiah and cucur udang.
They sell varieties of jellies (agar2)
Ikan Bakar stalls
BBQ Chicken, the Malaysian style (Ayam Golek)
Kurma stall. Choose any of those.
Laksa asam and Soup stall. I wonder what they put in those soups… hehe!
Fried noodles stall. My friend bought himself a fried noodle mee. Looks yummy!
This is what they called Laksam. Very famous in East Coast. I got myself one.
Variety of lauk also to choose from… but I’m gonna pass on the lauk. I’m on the rice diet… hehehe!
What did I buy?
Is that too much? Hopefully it’s not.

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