Tuesday, September 4, 2007

TOW The Trip Up-North (Part 2)

SATURDAY (01/09/07)
Woke up rather early this morning. My uncles and aunties were back at my granny's for the weekend, so it is quite packed up. After my morning breakfast, I decide to take a walk at the paddy field behind my granny's house.
They just started to plant the paddy again. So this is how it looks like.
I also visited my uncle's goat farm nearby the house.
My granny insisted for us to stay until lunch as she wants me to have lunch there. So to kill my time until lunch, me and my friends decided to go to another small town of Parit Buntar.
Parit Buntar town is kinda unique as it is in the middle of 3 state borders, Penang Perak and Kedah.

The town is divided to the old town and new town. The one across the river is Pekan Bandar Baru in Kedah.

Somehow, the old town kinda interests me as they are so many old buildings and nice landscape compared to the new town. So we drove around for a while and headed back home for our lunch. Then we make a move to Penang.
Passed thru the Perak border.

And this landmark welcomes us to Penang.

Nice bridge along the way to penang

At last we made it to Butterworth.

I decided to take ferry as this is the first time my friend takes a ride in a ferry.
Penang bridge is quite jam but suprisingly the ferry isn't.

Nice view of the ferry, the bridge and the port.

Upon arrival

The many scenes of Penang

The first thing to do when we reached Penang was to go for a fantastic Cendol near KOMTAR.Each and every time I'm in Penang. this is a must go place.

After a refreshing Cendol.. the next destination is Batu Feringgi. Relaxing by the beach in the evening.

Parachuting activities by the beach is quite popular here among tourist.
Nice view of sunset by the Feringgi beach, taken only by the phone camera.
Night market and cheap DVD by night.

Spent almost RM100 for cheap DVDs. I'm not proud to buy pirated goods, but it's so damn cheap i can't resist. Selected DVDs-5 for RM10, new DVDs RM4each and every 10 disc, you will get 1 free. And Music CDs - 6 for RM20. How can anyone compare to this price? If the government's really serious about combating the piracy, may be they should be really2 compatitive in terms of price. Try to beat this price for a start!!

We're done with the walk around, we're done with shopping.. now we are going for a dinner, in Gurney Drive. The food stalls in Gurney Drive is the best location of all for cheap dining. And beleive me, the food is extra super duper mervelous.
I tried Asam laksa for a change, so deliciouso that i can feel the taste till now.
My friend ate KueyTeow, also mouth watering at only rm3.

An the green drink is Ambra drink (also known as buah kedondong or buah ambula by the uncle who sells the drinks.. hahah!!)
While we were eating, it started to rain. So all the other plans were cancelled and we head back to my aunt's house for a sleepover. Another tiring day of ronda2 and makan2 today.

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