Wednesday, September 12, 2007

TOW My Movie Nite

Tomorrow, all muslims in Malaysia and some part of the world will start fasting in the month of Ramadhan. So today is sort of the last day for lunch makan2 and settle things as tomorrow will be the start for us to focus on getting more benefits of Ramadhan.Anyway, what're the activities in line for today?
I'll go for Makan2 (for sure!!) for the last time before puasa.

A lunch at Sanggar Dewi, Dato Siti’s Restaurant
I stopped by at Siti Nurhaliza’s restaurant within Giant Hypermall Cheras. Called Sanggar Dewi restaurant, the place is quite small but has a nice decoration, simple yet elegant. The restaurant offers quite a variety of Pahang food for people who favors Pahang delicacies. Among the specialties are Rendang Hitam Kuala Lipis and Patin Masak Lemak. Looks really mouthwatering!! I decided to have half plate of rice with a simple spicy chicken and long bean with salty egg, which costs only RM4.

An early dinner at Station 21, Bangsar
It's been a while since I last visited this stall for their delish choices of spagettis and other choice of Western Food. These stalls are situated behind Bangsar Village, in a building with a basement parking ramp.
It's quite dark at this time so the quality of the pictures were not that good. As for food, beleive me... The food here is absolutely marvelous and cheap too. I heard that the cooks were the chefs from hotels previously. They resigned and opened a Western Food stall. Variety of choices of spagettis from Olio to Carbonara, from seafood to meat based etc. I ordered Spagetti Creamy Seafood Mushroom to eat today. Simply deliciouso and superb taste. The portion is big and they are very kind with the seafood. Costs me about RM8. Cheap, isn't it?

Finished the food within 5 minutes as I have to catch a movie at 7.00pm. Movie to watch:
RUSH HOUR 3 Synopsis
Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker reunite with director Brett Ratner for an all new adventure that takes them to Paris where they confront deadly Triads, beautiful women, an angry cabbie and an invasive French inspector to uncover the secret at the heart of the Triad syndicate.
Joining the duo is an ensemble of world-class talent, including Hiroyuki Sanada as Kenji, a Triad assassin with mysterious links to Inspector Lee; Youki Kudoh as Jasmine, a club owner who is as alluring as she is dangerous; and Oscar nominee Max von Sydow as Reynard, head of the World Criminal Court. Also co-starring are French actor and filmmaker Yvan Attal as George, a cab driver who becomes an unwitting partner in Carter and Lee's breakneck action adventure through Paris; legendary director/actor Roman Polanski as French Detective Revi, who gives Carter and Lee an unorthodox and uncomfortable welcome to Paris; and rising French actress NoƩmie Lenoir as Genevieve, a young woman who may hold the key to the Triad conspiracy. (Images from
***Nice movie to watch with more action pack in place. Somehow, I guess it becomes sort of a cliche in terms of their jokes and acting. Nothing much dirrefent compared to Rush Hours 1 & 2, only added a few more casts that can fight and bammm!! here comes Rush Hour 3. OK to watch for fun though.

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