Sunday, September 9, 2007

TOW My Hunt of Blood Parrot Fish

Today, it’s gonna be my journey to find for Blood Parrot Fish (somehow I keep remembering the film, Anaconda 2, where those guys were hunting for the blood orchids… hahah!!). I hafta change the outlook of my aquarium by this weekend, or I won’t be able to do that as the fasting month is approaching.
First stop: Pets Wonderland of MidValley
I can’t take pictures in the amenities. Somehow I managed to sneak around taking pictures of the fishes in the store. Quite fun to do the forbidden thing! Haha!
Some of the fishes found here:

Only bought the air curtain (that’s what they call it) at RM5. Just a small one since my aquarium isn’t that big. The parrot fish is ridiculously expensive here. So I will look around at other shops.

Next stop:
This is just a small aquarium shop within the housing lots in Jalan Klang Lama. Nevertheless, the shop offers choices of fishes and the equipments.
I bought a piece of wood junk to put in the aquarium. It costs me about RM5. The Parrot fish here is quite expensive. I’ll look around.
This is where my friend told me that there is a heaven of aquarium lovers, at Jalan Pudu. So I decided to go there with my friend who recommends this place. As I reach the place, it is about 2.30pm, it is so hot today and so many people around. But once I reach the place, WOWWWWW!! It’s true. So many aquarium shops that sell fishes and the complete equipment. So many fishes to choose!!!

Fishes in the basins,

Fishes in the plastic bags

Fishes in the aquariums
This is like the night market, only it is open from 10am – 4pm daily. So many varieties of cheap things are sold here. This is really making me crazy. I went from one place to another bargaining for the fishes, and surprisingly, the Parrot Fish here is damn bloody cheap.
For those who are good in bargaining, this is a place for you to test how powerful your negotiation skill. I’m thankful to bring my friend who’s a good negotiator. Now, let’s see how good he is bargaining for these Parrot Fish.
- Blood Parrot Fish, costs RM10 per fish, but bargained at only RM6. Bought a pair. - Orange Parrot Fish, costs RM 8 per fish, but bargained at only RM4. Bought a pair too. Now, aren’t this a good bargain?? - Bought the water pump too for my balcony garden project. Costs RM28, bargained at RM19.
Small Lobsters
The tips to get cheap price for buying fishes here:
1. Buy the fishes in the plastic sold at the pedestrian walk. It’s cheaper than buying inside the aquarium shop.
2. Wait until last minutes where they are about to go back, those are the time where you will get a really cheap price. They won’t want to bring back all the packed fishes in the plastic.

Finished my shopping and go back for my new aquarium transformation. Taaadaaaaaaa!!

My new aquarium looks.
I’m tired, but happy for the day spent wisely. It was all worth it.


Anonymous said...

Hi, my daughter really want to have aquarium complete with all the stuff. Please..can u let us know which part of Jalan Pudu that you call heaven for this??

Thank youu

NIKO75 said...

Hi anonymous, you just have to find the post office of jalan pudu. The aquarium heaven is right behind the post office next to the wet market.. It's quite smelly and dirty too, but it's worth the price and you can bargain some more.. good luck!

Noel said...

hi, could you provide google map or any landmark that it's call the aquarium heaven? I can't find the post office at Jalan Pudu at google map, it only shown the post office at Puduraya Bus Station. thanks

NIKO75 said...

Hi noel..
type 'pejabat pos jalan pudu' in google map and you will be able to find the place.. the place is situated at Jalan Pasar.. near Pasar Pudu.. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

May i ask the condition of your fish? I mean are the fish sold there in a healthy condition?

NIKO75 said...

ok la.. not that bad.. it's cheaper compared to other places.. probably you should go check it out yourself.. good luck...