Monday, September 17, 2007

TOW Adding My Fish Collection

It’s a wet-wet day today. My day was rather easy going, having a full rest on a laid-back Sunday. Somehow I feel like today is a long day of Puasa since there’s nothing much to do. Other than having a good sleep over and over again, I managed to visit Jalan Pudu again to add my fish collection. I think I’m getting crazier over the fishes now. Hahah!
It’s wet, so we didn’t get to see lots of people as usual. I’m searching for a pair of heart shape parrot fish to add into my aquarium’s collection. Finally found a pair for only RM5 per fish. Adding to a family of my Parrot fish in the main aquarium.
I’m also looking for carp/ koi fish. Finally found the cheap ones, RM1 per fish, so bought 5.This is very suitable for my Balcony pond.
Also got myself a few pairs of guppy and black molly. Quite a cute combination of red and black. This is for my kitchen aquarium.
I finally occupy my house with the fishes that I like, but still looking forward to my next visit to the place next week for new choices of pet fish.
Am I crazy over pet aquarium fish? Hahahahah!! I think I am. Is that unacceptable? Heheheh!! It’s still tolerable, as long as I’m happy…

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