Thursday, September 27, 2007

TOW Joining the Gym… Again!!

I used to be a regular at the gym before. I was registered at Fitness First with a passport membership, which means I can visit to all of their branches throughout Malaysia. After a while, it stopped. I’m no longer a member of any fitness club as I’m pretty much occupied with my work.
Well, after being tired of pampering myself, it suddenly occurs to me that I’m getting flabbier and fatter. I really hafta do something with it, what more with raya is coming on the way very2 soon. So out of the blues, when I was wandering Bangsar Village yesterday, I just dropped by at Celebrity Fitness there to check out what they offer. I somehow found out that the package is rather amazing. No processing fee, no joining fee, just hafta pay RM149 and I can start to workout already. Woww!!! Thank god a friend of mine has lots of buddies there so he can get good deal for him and me as well. Upon registration, we will get a bag, cap and dine-in coupons. Well well, it’s such a good price to pay for a gym membership but I’m still thinking about the offer, and would really love to look around the gym first. I can't take photos in the premises... but the evil me doesn't care and sneak up a few pictures.
The changing room is very2 niceThe shower room is quite simple. Just a plain curtain to cover every shower cubical. I’m really excited and looking forward to start my workout soon. It’s the question of where I should go for my workout now, and whether I want to pay that RM149 monthly fees. Any ideas?

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