Wednesday, September 5, 2007

TOW My Boring Wednesday

I'm supposed to go for a movie today, my usual Wednesday activities. Unfortunately, I'm working quite late today as we have some unfinished slides that need to be completed for tomorrow's presentation. Darn it... there goes my movie...
Anyway, remember the DVDs that I bought in Penang last weekend? I guess it's good to review some of the movies I bought.

The first movie: PREMONITION

Linda Hanson has a beautiful house, a loving husband and two adorable daughters. Her life is perfect, until the day she receives the devastating news that her husband Jim has died in a car accident. When she wakes up the next morning to find him alive and well, she assumes it was all a dream, but is shaken by how vivid it felt. She soon realizes it wasn't a dream, and her world is turned upside down...

*** Somehow I felt like this is a combination of The Lake House (Sandra Bullock & Keanu Reeves) meets If Only (Jennifer Love Hewitt &Tom Wilkinson) I picked this movie because I like Sandra Bullock's acting. But personally the movie is so cliché that I can relate to other earlier movies. I know! I know! It’s just a heck of sentimental movie type to choose, but why not try something different sometimes, eh? Hehehe!
The second movie is VACANCY

David (Luke Wilson) and Amy Fox's (Kate Beckinsale) car breaks down in the middle of nowhere and the bickering couple decide to spend the night in a motel with a creepy manager (Frank Whaley). They discover that the low-budget slasher movies they're watching on TV were all filmed in the exact room they're staying in and are actually snuff films that they are about to become a part of. They crawl through an underground tunnel to escape from their room, and that brings them to the hotel lobby. David and Amy struggle to get out alive while cameras film their every move. They are able to make a 911 call which summons a police officer to the premises, but the cop ends up being killed by one of the thugs, so again David and Amy are on their own. David is eventually stabbed by one of the thugs. In the end, Amy kills the thugs with a car she finds and after a struggle, kills the manager as well. She calls 911 and as the film ends David begins to revive.

*** Nice movie to watch. The action thriller movie makes you uneasy at your seat all the time. Enjoyed the movie, and Kate Beckinsale is one hell of a pretty chick.

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