Saturday, September 15, 2007

TOW My berbuka with the brothers

Today is Saturday. And it is a perfect time for family gathering for berbuka. I'm hosting today's berbuka puasa at my house. My 2 brothers, the wife and kids, the girlfriend are all invited. It is gonna be a potluck berbuka. So I'm gonna do a little bit of shopping for today's berbuka hosting. I need to clean the house, do some groceries, cook a little bit, and buy some kuih at Ramadhan Bazaar today. I've prepared a list of things to buy.
Went to Cold Storage, BSC to look around for things to buy.Don't you just love the presentation?? Everything is so neat and orderly for their customers. I end up not buying anything from here, just adoring their display.. hahah!!

Then off to Giant for a real groceries shopping. Cheap price.. Value for Money!Catchy yet meaningful Giant advert on the way.The new 100th store in Kinrara.Quite a lot of people around for shopping. Nice Giant Dragon Fruit in the supermarket area.A row of fruits.What's in the cart? Lining up to pay.Done with grocery shopping, out of Giant.The scenery is awesome. So beautiful.
What am I gonna cook today? I'm gonna do my classical yet economical thingy, the Nasi Lemak and Tuna Gravy with fried chicken and boiled egg. I'm gonna cook steamed pudding too for dessert. It's really been a while since I cook, so today I'm gonna get ready for the kitchen to get smokey and dirty. Hehehe! Since I was young, my mother always taught us the siblings to at least know your way around the kitchen and how to cook. She doesn't want all her boys to depend so much on the wife when we are married later. Plus she also doesn't have any daughters. So we are the one who must help her prepare the dishes or else we won't be able to have our meal. Hehehe! I miss berbuka puasa with my family at the early time of puasa, so that is why I'm hosting this. Ahhh.. so much for the memories.

Preparation for cooking!Kangkung belacan
Preparation for nasi Lemak.

My mom called when I was busy cooking. She's quite shocked to hear that I'm making full use of the kitchen doing some very serious cooking for today's berbuka. Hahahah! She even asked me how do I know to make the steamed brown sugar pudding. Heheh! Well, what is she cooking? Oxtail soup, stir fry long bean, cempedak goreng and so much more. Makes me wanna spend my berbuka with my family more and more.
An hour and a half later..Jeng jeng jeng...The meal is ready!
The nasi lemak, complete with cucumber, anchovies, fried chicken and chilli gravy with tuna fish.The spagetti.
My brother brought Roti John, whole chichken and lychee in can. The whole meal. Time for berbuka!! Selamat Berbuka All!!!

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