Tuesday, September 18, 2007

TOW Ramadan Bazaar @ Kinrara

Ramadan Bazaars @ Kinrara
My place to get some food for berbuka yesterday was at Bandar Kinrara. The Ramadan Bazaar here isn’t that big, but sure has variety of food choices. Situated right in front of the mosque, the long row of Ramadan Bazaar sure attracted lots of people to buy food for berbuka. What more with both husband and wife working nowadays, this is a faster way to get the food ready on time.I think I’m not progressing on loosing weight this Ramadan. It’s already the 6th day of Puasa with no progress, so from now on I’m trying as much as possible to avoid rice and sweet kuih, low down my carbo and sugar intake and increase my protein intake. But every time I visited the Ramadan Bazaar, the line of food choices were like waving at me to get them, surely makes it harder for me. Food is my weakness, I’ll fall for it at any time if I'm not careful. Hehehe!
Variety of kuih to choose from, but I’m gonna pass on the kuih.
Murtabak. Also delicioso. Should I buy one? Yes... definitely!
Soooo many types of lauk for you to choose. A line of drinks to choose from, but I'm looking for Sugarcane juice. At last, the only place selling Sugarcane juice. I have to buy a pack!Here is a variety of rice to choose from, including tomato rice and chicken rice.
What did I buy?
1. Murtabak (2)
2. Kuih (I bought for a friend, not me!)
3. Sugarcane (a pack)
I'm done. I better get out of the place before i start buying unnecessary stuff. Hehe!

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