Friday, September 21, 2007

TOW Ramadan Bazaar @Taman Dato Haron PJ

Today I’m gonna break fast at my aunt’s house. She’s been dragging me to join her for berbuka at her house for so long, but only today I managed to fulfill the invitation.
Before going to her house, I dropped by the Ramadan Bazaar in this area.
What a huge crowd and a long walk of stalls. As I browse thru the kuih and such, it kept rushing into my mind that this is the first place I used to stay when I started my career in KL. I stayed with my aunt and her husband for about 1 year during the early days of job hunting. She is the one that helped me with my first stay in KL, all the good and sour memories we shared together during the early days. I can’t stop thanking them two for the helps landed on me, such great memories! Thanks Cik Ja and Pak Uda.
Whoops!! I’m supposed to talk about the Ramadan Bazaar, rite? Back to the subject matter... Ramadan Bazaar is always a crowd puller. As usual, this one is also jammed up with people, but from my experience, I should really choose the best stall for me to buy the food. Unlike TTDI and Sec14, PJ where you can’t go wrong with the food, this place is somehow different. Some of the food isn’t that good, while some others can be really2 nice.
Tips for choosing good food:
- Always find the stall that invites people most. You can sense the food must be good or else people won’t bother queuing for it.
- Look at the presentation of the food. Make sure it is clean, covered and looks presentable to eat. Use common sense laaa...
- Look at how the stall is. A clean stall always reflects the owner. If they can’t keep the stall clean, how can they prepare clean food, right?
- Check out the person who sells the food. Usually a makcik with clean looks and presentable PR (always ask any questions on the food you wanna buy) will cook good food. I have a habit on checking the nails and hands of the person who sells the food before buying it.
- Don’t buy only at one stall if you just wanna try it out. Try a combination from many stalls, so you can taste it and later already know which is good and which isn’t. You can later buy from the one you trust if you’re visiting again.

Have I so many rules and restrictions, huhh? Well, it won’t harm me to be careful rite?
What’s good in store? Let’s check it out.
Somehow, this place sells a variety of BBQ Chicken the Malaysian style.
Bought myself 3 pieces of this, which costs only RM5
Ikan Bakar also sold here
Roti Jala with curry gravy. Looks yummy!
This is what they called mini murtabak. Cost RM1 a piece. Expensive considering it’s quite small.
The famous East Coast food, Sata and Otak2. Bought 3 sticks of Sata, costs me RM4.
Should I buy either Cendol or Sugarcane juice? Maybe not..
Laksa also looks nice, but not this time.Another sweet kuih to buy, Tepung Pelita/ kuih sampan. 5 for RM2.
Then, a weird but interesting discovery in Ramadan Bazaar. Nobody will probably believe this!! One of its kind!! Car seat stall in Good Bazaar.
It definitely beats the firecrackers sold in food Bazaar.
I’m done. Headed to my aunt’s house just in time for break fast. What’s for berbuka?
A whole stack of lauk to eat. Selamat Berbuka!!

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