Saturday, September 15, 2007

TOW My Berbuka Time.

It is already the second day of fasting today. There are Pasar Ramadans here and there for your spending. You just need to prepare the money to squander there. Variety of food to choose from and variety of places for you to dine for fasting break.The first day of berbuka is always at home for almost all people, the wife/ mom goes home early from work to prepare the best dishes for berbuka, and the family gather around the food to celebrate the success of the first day of fasting. How exciting!
Mine was different anyway. As a bachelor still and the fact that my parents are not in KL, I have to wander around finding food for berbuka. My first location, Pasar Ramadan in Bangsar. Lots of people attack this Ramadan Bazaar to find all sorts of food offered, and I make myself out of the crowd as soon as possible.
Wander around Bangsar Village to kill time before berbuka. Found cool decorations in BV.

I decided to get myself a quick Burger King stop for berbuka. They have a cool offer now.
Not many people around.

Ordered a Family Meal for me and my friend. Value for Money!! Heheh! Nice Mushroom Cheese burger.

My second day of berbuka wasn’t that good.
I’m supposed to go Ramadan Bazaar at Sg. Besi but trapped in a massive jam along Kesas Highway. I don’t know why, but most probably either people are busy going back to their kampong for berbuka or rushing home for a berbuka with the family.I end up going to a small Ramadan Bazaar in Sri Petaling, quite full with people. Bought Yong Tow Foo only. Light berbuka as we will go to Kg Baru later tonite for a complete meal cum early sahur.
Many people around for late dining.So many variety of food to choose from.
The Nasi dagang is quite nice too.
Alhamdulillah( Praise to God)… I’m full now.
KL is such a nice city at night.

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