Friday, September 7, 2007

TOW Jalan2 Cari Makan

Yeeehhhaaaa!! I’m so happy that it’s finally Friday today. My week has been quite hectic with meetings, presentations and sessions. Anyhow, I still have time to explore a few places to eat especially during the lunch time.

As I’m now in KL for my meetings, my lunch time should be spent mostly within KL area. Today, my lunch destination will be Restoran Sari Bunda in Desa Pandan. This is an Indonesian delicacy which provides a wide variety of ‘Lauk’ for you to choose.

Once I entered the restaurant, the ambience is somehow refreshing. The room is air-conditioned with the aroma of the served food is so is so welcoming.

So many food spread that you can choose and I decided to have the following:
1. Ayam Rendang (Chicken Rendang) – the best rendang ever tasted. All the ingredients are properly measured and prepared, which made the rendang to be marvelous.
2. Belut berlada (Eel sauted with chilies) -It’s simply nice combination. A crispy small slice of eel sauted with the dried chilies makes it simply fantastico.
3.Otak Masak Lemak – spicy creamy yellow curry also nice to eat with rice. This is the first time I tried ‘Otak’ and surprisingly it is not that bad. When I told my friends, most of them will respond with an immediate ‘Euwwwww’. Hey! No harm to try. I can eat almost anything by the way. No restriction at all.
4. Sotong pedas – Squids cooked with chillies and coconut milk. Not bad at all.
5. Sambal balado – A replacement for sambal belacan. Nice to eat with rice. A bit sour but it’s ok somehow.

My friend said that the food is so delish. Look at his plate.

There’s a lot more variety of food to choose like Ayam Pop, Kari Kepala Ikan etc. Make your choice wisely to ensure it’s suitable mix and match.
Lastly, make sure it’s not too much of food at one time as it will spoil the taste of each food.

Total spent is RM40. Quite expensive for a small portion, but the taste is somehow irreplaceable. Stopped at mamak for Nescafe treats after the fulfilling lunch.
I'm going to visit a few aquarium shops tomorrow. Hope to get what I want!

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