Thursday, August 30, 2007

TOW Merdeka Celebration

Tomorrow, 31st August 2007, Malaysia will celebrate its 50th Independence Day. There are so many things happening all these years that bring Malaysia from nobody to a country well known today.

The celebration for Merdeka this year is expected to be the grandest of all. All the preparation is done properly and thoroughly to ensure that the festivity is celebrated successfully. Many buildings are decorated with Malaysia Flags, making it more colorful and festive like. The KL city centre is decked with lights, plants, flags etc with variety of colors to ensure that every corner of the city is attractive enough to the tourist and locals.

I thought of sharing some of the eye catching buildings decorated with the flags and photos in their own creative way… just to show the support to Malaysia’s Merdeka celebration.
Sime Darby

Bank Negara

It’s nice to browse thru KL City during this time. Take a glance at the colorful buildings in KL city and enjoy the scenery the best you can. I’m so proud to be a Malaysian.

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