Thursday, August 23, 2007


It is 2.30am now, and this is my first entry.. Somehow it feels good to finally start my own blog. I've been meaning to register my own blog for quite some time, I guess since the last 2 months, but never had a chance to do that since I have no internet connection at home. Well, at last I made it.. which is a good thing to do. Bravo to me!!! The average citizen me!!
I always wanted to be tall. I’m only standing at 175cm tall, which is only an average height for Malaysian (Somehow I noticed that the new generation of Malaysian is getting taller and taller). So when I accidentally had a chance to meet the tallest young man in the world (he's only 19) tonight at Pekan Sg. Besi (what on earth is he doing there? Of all the places in the world, he landed up at a small KK mini market Pekan Sg. Besi), it is somehow amazed me to see how tall he is. I think I’m lucky to meet him.. as it is rather hard to see him 'live'. I remember reading the newspaper about his story on the visit to Masjid India where he is in a 3 weeks tour in Malaysia. Anyway I can only take a snap of his photo as the crowd is building up and the appearance caused a massive traffic jam at the small town like Pekan Sg. Besi. So to avoid the jam and all, I decided to 'chow' as quickly as possible.

On my way back, somehow I can't stop thinking about him.. questions like what he really feels holding the 'title', whether he enjoys living his life with that height, and whether it brings him more good than bad. From my humble eyes, I could only see how uncomfortable he is with the attention given. Well.. I'm pretty sure I won't be comfortable if I have that height. Anyway.. who am I to judge what he really feels.
Somehow, it taught me to be thankful with what god has created me. I have just a nice height (I think) and not being a centre of attention. I can be an invisible man enjoying my freedom to the max, free to do what I want to do.. loitering at mamak stall till late night, not behaving myself whenever I feel like it, and go wherever I want to go without being noticed. I'm happy with who I am today.
I don't like to be noticed. That's why I named the blog "my invisible self"

Till later.. Good night.. and welcome!

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Beruang Madu said...

Salam untuk permulaan entry ni...memang lama dah tapi I suka nak khatamkan sekali lalu blog u nih... apa maksud TOW tu yg u selalu guna tu??