Tuesday, August 28, 2007

TOW... a small town within the metropolitan

I always a a soft spot for Pekan Sungai Besi. For some reason, the place has its own unique character of the the 70s kinda old town. My every visit to this small town ease my mind as it is peaceful and relax.
The architecture of the town is simple. You can see 2 main rows of antique historical buildings. Occupying the ancient shophouses are a mixes of traditional and new occupants selling variety of thing. Somehow, it reminds me of small towns in Perak area which has this kind of character to its town, like Pekan Tambun in Ipoh or Pekan Kuala Kurau nearby Taiping.
Sg Besi is also famous for the army camp and police quarters. So the mixture of people here is somehow makes the town unique. You can still see the old men sit at the kedai kopi, sipping teh tarik or plain coffee while reading newspaper in the morning. You can see the makcik coming back from the morning market holding the "raga" with full of vegetables and fish to cook. You can still see an ancient mamak shop selling 'BOND' cream for hair. Somehow, it feels like you are nowhere in KL. That makes the town unique, and whenever i feel like having the laid back environment, or for a cheap dining, Pekan Sg Besi is the place to be.

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