Sunday, August 26, 2007

TOW the laid back Sunday

I woke up rather late today, at about 1.30pm. For once, my Sunday plan doesn't seem to kick off at all today. We are supposed to go to Ulu Langat's Gabai Waterfall today, but some of my friends can't make it... so the plan is cancelled.
Since I'm still tired of my full day activities yesterday, I decided to take it easy today. Somehow, my brother also spent a night at my house so we decided to go to UPM for the Convocation Expo. My other brother has a booth, selling women clothes there.

The location is quite tricky as we have to pass thru the student's dorms out of nowhere to reach the expo. It is somehow questionable why the expo is located in the land far far away from the convocation hall, from the real world and from the outer world… completely out of the way for people to come and visit.
When I reached there, I am quite surprised to see so few people at the expo. Mostly, you can guess that the crowd is either the students or UPM's staff. When I completed the tour, I later understood why there was lack of people here. The expo was simply boring and not so many exciting booths around. What more with no reputable companies participating, making it just plain dull. The music is just boring and I can’t feel the ambience of going to the expo.
One of the booth sells orchids… so I plan to buy an orchid to my mom may be tomorrow as a present for her new job. Which one of the unique orchid plant to choose? I will decide later.
Another site that interests me is Paint Ball. The game is quite interesting and I have in mind to join the game soon. Other than that, noting else was appealing, so we decided to go home after spending a few long hours there.

What’s for dinner today? Errmmm… Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa in Kg Baru. It’s been a while since I last go there. So, I had a Fried Bihun with sambal sotong and boiled egg. I always like spicy food. So for my bihun, I make sure that the sambal (gravy) is enough to tear my eyes and burn my mouth (it’s not that spicy here so a large amount of gravy sure helps).
My friend also decided to have a bihun and fried chicken with only a little sambal. Still very nice I can see. For me, Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa is one of the places to have a good nasi lemak (Coconut rice). The food is just fine with lots of selection to choose and the taste is ideal for Malaysians, be it Malay, Chinese or Indian. A very aromatic rice added with the spicy sambal and slices of cucumber and anchovies, it’s really YUMMY YUMMY!!
KL is not that jam tonight. So, my journey home was rather smooth. Might be because tomorrow is Monday and everyone is looking forward to start a new working day tomorrow. Hahahahah! You Wish!

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