Sunday, August 26, 2007

TOW.. busy day and a simple dinner

Friday was a busy day for me. So I decided to make a sweet and simple entry on what I did on Friday. All I want to share was my nice simple dinner in Pekan Sg Besi. This stall has always been a frequent stop for dinner as it serves my favorite Thai kueyteow soup (Thai white noodle soup). It is just a plain bowl of white soup with fish ball, slices of beef, liver, taugeh and kangkung, Well, I not that good in describing it, so the photo below will merely portray how it looks.

Of course it won’t be good without a little spiciness to it, so I added lots and lots of Thai dried chili in the soup.

Now, that’s what I call food. Nice superb spicy taste of soup with juicy ingredients really made my day. Now, wont that makes me hungry again? Simple yet delicioso.

To those who would like to try, the restaurant is just in front of Star LRT Sg. Besi station, the corner restaurant next to the car wash. I also tried other dishes, which is just yummy and not that bad a price. Try it. You won’t regret it.

After a fulfilling dinner that stuffed my stomach, I and a few friends went to Uptown Danau Kota. It’s one of the best night markets of all the chain, opened until 4am on weekends.

The crowd was just jam-packed, resulted a massive jam around the area. May be its gaji (paycheck) time, so people decided to spend there buying the necessary stuff. Nothing seems to interest me there, except when I looked at those crowds, it makes me really thankful that I’m a Malaysian living in Malaysia, a peaceful democracy country with so many races living under one nation in harmony. I’m really blessed to be in my own country, Malaysia.

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Beruang Madu said...

Selalu benar u beraktiviti di Sg Besi.. boleh ker I tahu u tinggal kat mana?? Kalau boleh lah...salam perkenalan