Sunday, August 26, 2007

TOW.. My Karaoke session and Putrajaya Fireworks

Yeahaaaa!! It's Saturday, the weekend is officially started, and I really have to make use of my weekend the best as I could. I have a full list of activity to do today.

Today is my karaoke session with my brother and a friend at Redbox Ria of Sogo. It’s been a while since I last went to this place. I used to be a karaoke freak, and rest assured I’m a frequent to the karaoke bars in KL… E-Box? Redbox? Yow Chuan? You name it.. ‘Been there, Sang there’. Of all, my favorite place must be Redbox Ria of Sogo. This is simply the best place for karaoke.
Why I said that? The sound system is commendable; the service is just fast with a user-friendly staff, the widespread of unlimited juice bar for you to choose, and the most important thing is the price is simply reasonable, RM13 for 3 hours (only from 1-7pm daily) with unlimited access to the juice bar and tidbits. (The only bad thing is the traffic jam is really horrifying, especially during the weekend… So, find an alternative to reach here)
Well, ain't that just what a karaoke lover wants… ample time to sing with unlimited amount of liquid (ermm.. juice only) to satisfy your thirst after your hard work of singing? Hehehe! Well.. suits me just fine. We had a small Room 61, enough to occupy the 3 of us. And one thing for sure, we fulfill the whole 3 hours to sing our heart out. Sing guys, sing your heart out!!

After the karaoke session, we decided to eat at one of the Chinese Kopitiam opposite Sogo, called Capital CafĂ©. It’s simply famous for its Nasi Padang. But for me, the best of all is their Chinese Fried rice and Kueyteow kungfu (Am I not a kueyteow lover? Hehe!) Simply delicioso!! We had a quick lunch as we need to get out from the KL jam as fast as we could as we need to rush to Putrajaya for Firework Show.

Anyway, quotes from Bernama “Malaysia will host the biggest International Musical Fireworks Competition in the world from Aug 18 to Sept 2 in conjunction with the country's 50th national day celebration. This event will be held at the lakeside in front of the Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC). The countries that will compete for the Golden Merdeka Trophy are Italy (Parente Fireworks), Japan (Tamaya Kitahara Fireworks Co. Ltd), Australia (Howard and Sons Pyrotechnics Pty Ltd) and Malaysia (Pyro-Splendour Services Sdn Bhd). The Australian team will become the first team to present their spectacular musical fireworks on Aug 18. Malaysian and Italian fireworks team will compete on Aug 22 and 25 while one of the World Champions in Musical Fireworks technology, team Japan will present their classical fireworks on Aug 30.”
We arrived there at about 7.30pm, under the impression that the show will start at 8.30pm. Unfortunately, we have to wait until 10pm for the show to start. A very kind policeman guarding the traffic told us about it. Damn… we have to wait for another 2 and a half hour for the show to begin. The crowd started building up and by 9pm, it was a sea of people gathering at the PICC square, awaiting for the show to start. Finally the show started at 10pm sharp. And everyone was in amazed.. clearly potrayed in their face and expressions during the show. And everyone clapped their hands together when the show ended. That's amazing!

Now, this is what I called a marvelous, groovy, spectacular fireworks presentation for 20 minutes from the Italian team. It’s worth the wait. I've been looking for this kind of show as the one seen in Malaysia weren’t even close to this level. There will be another show from Japan team on August 30th, and the grand finale on Sept 2. I may not be here in KL next week, so this might be the only show I can attend. How sad! Anyway, the traffic jam was horrendous. It’s so horrible when everybody is set to go home right after the show. It’s a terrible jam so I won’t be parking anywhere near the place if I ever come again. Arrived home at about 1am and so tired. Want to take a good rest and looking forward for another day of exciting activities planned tomorrow. Good night Mr. Invisible.


iRwan said...

Hey dude.. welcome to the club.. haha.. Wah! Full with activities this weekend huh.. Have fun and enjoy ur weekend.. :-)

Beruang Madu said...

Hmmm.. best nya dapat karaoke, I pun minta yg sama... dan I pun ada kat Putrajaya masa fireworks tu... tapi kita lom kenalkan..