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I am a Gemini born in June. Somehow I found out that there are so many negative reviews about a Gemini having 2 different personalities, superficial, moody, unstable and emotional freak. So I thought of sharing 3 reviews of who the Geminians really are...

Characteristics of Zodiac Sign Gemini – Two For One!
When examining the characteristics of zodiac sign Gemini you are in for a comparison. This sign is one of the more interesting ones to examine because they are known to have two different personalities and traits that sometimes clash with one another.
When you get to know a Gemini personally, you'll soon realize that they are generally intellectual, spontaneous, inquisitive, cheerful, imaginative, curious and extremely witty people. The Gemini astrological profile also mentions that characteristics of zodiac sign Gemini can also be inconsistent, restless, tense, irresponsible and two-faced. Known to have a strong desire to learn, to express themselves and tell stories, they have been considered to be the "seekers of knowledge."
People born under this sign can often appear to be interested and interesting, but sometimes emotionally detached. Constant questioners, they love to dominate conversations by sharing information, but not of a personal nature. They can really get others talking. For instance, they'll know your birth date, your first grade teacher’s name and your blood type after your first meeting, but you won't know theirs.
If you want to learn about Gemini symbols you will find that it is a masculine sign representing the two children, two bright stars, Castor and Pollux of classical mythology. To summarize their story is the following: Castor and Pollux were half-brothers sharing the same mother. Pollux was the son of Zeus and so he was immortal. Castor was the son of the King of Sparta, Tyndareus, which made him mortal. Castor was eventually killed and Pollux mourned over his brother so much so that he wanted to follow his brother into death and asked his father Zeus for permission to give his own life for Castor's. Zeus half agreed, only allowing them to share death and Olympus (on alternate days). Then later Zeus rewarded the connection and attachment of the brothers by placing them among the stars as, the Gemini Twins to be together forever. Always two sides and never together would sum up the personality of many Geminis. They aren't fickle it’s just a personality trait that they feel strongly both ways!
This leads us to wonder about the zodiac compatibility of this sign. Gemini's are compatible with a few signs like Aries, Sagittarius and Libra. However, many more times than not, there is more than meets the eye. Zodiac compatibility is filled with many factors that are a basic guideline for your signs relationship with another person’s sign. If your signs don't match up, it doesn't mean that you can't get along with that person, it just means that you're going to have to work a little harder to get it done. Astrology rules are simple rules, and rules can often be broken!
Characteristics of Zodiac Sign Gemini are just your starting points, if you’re a Gemini, your natural curiosity will probably drive you to look at your own astrology chart to see nuances of yourself you thought were cleverly hidden. There's so much more to learn about yourself, you won't be disappointed or bored in the least!

Characteristics For Those Born In June
The planet Mercury rules the sign of Gemini. You are intellectual, nervous and adaptable. Because of your strong desire to communicate, you are classified in Greek mythology as "The Messengers of the Gods." You inherited a gift of youth, a double personality and a quicksilver mind enabling you to adapt easily to any situation.
On a negative note, Mercury, the "Lord of the Thieves" breeds volatile and unreliable people due to their dual characteristics. You are a gifted communicator and radio, language, photography, sales, movies and any type of public relations work appeals to you. Your natural speed for life's experiences makes you impatient and nervous. You must learn to focus and crystallize your powerful mind. You have the potential to become an efficient speaker and produce interesting books.
Due to your strong desire for security, many of you will be attracted to the real estate and food industries. Your financial potential is unlimited if you learn and make a good use of the Universal Law in charge of your Second House of income. A strong Mercury will produce an incredible amount of physical and spiritual energy that must be dissipated. Those children are classified by the unaware psychological fields as A.D.D. ("Attention Deficit Disorder"). Contrary to what scientists assume and perceive as an indisposition, it is actually a potent gift from God. The soul is simply programmed to naturally reject traditional education, thus opening the rare door to genius and with it the potential for new discovery. Incidentally, President Clinton, Einstein, and I were born with "ADD."

Thus if a teacher is mistaken about some information, the Mercurial soul's inborn sense of curiosity and discovery will bring about potential information leading to the truth. Impatience, nervousness, mental curiosity, and a short attention span are your characteristics. You will never follow long established dogmas. Your Mercurial spirit will open new doors to mental exploration. You are curious by nature and are always questioning. Boredom is your worse enemy and you must associate with intellectual people who can stimulate your incredible mind.

Telling jokes is also a part of your mental agility. A word of caution for you: Always be alert when the Moon crosses the deadly sign of Scorpio at work, especially after the Full Moon. Remember to respect the Universal Law (see Moon Power) as your awareness and moon planning will be a major contribution of avoiding dramatic experiences, and will help you reach many of your dreams. The location of your natal Dragon's Head or Tail will seriously alter the strength or weakness of Mercury in your chart.

General behavior:
Gemini (the twins) is a very complex and confusing sign. To some people you can seem like a wonderful friend, while to others you will seem two-faced and sneaky. You will act like a child for most of your life. That includes both the good and bad characteristics of children. You are happy and energetic when things go right for you. However, when things go wrong, you can be passive-aggressive and very mean. You find decisions hard to make, since you can never stay with the one that you originally choose. You tend to fight loosing battles for something that you call a "moral" cause (even though you know it isn't). One quality (you decide whether it's good or bad) you have is the ability to lie and appear that you are telling the complete truth. You prefer to use someone else's solution to a problem than thinking of your own. Many of Gemini's poorer traits are due to your lack of self-esteem. It is very tough to get your attention. You will be thinking about many things at a time and you can't concentrate on any particular thing at one time. You may be praising somebody but at the same time you will be thinking against him (her). But the most intelligent people on the earth are Geminians.
Romantic behavior:
The uncertainty of the Gemini temperament does not favor lasting affairs and is the cause of much friction in their love life. You are little swayed by passion, and the only way to retain your fidelity is to meet your varying moods constantly in a fair and unsuspecting manner. You prefer light relationships to more lasting ones.

I wonder how they come out with such a general characteristics. There must be some kind of human behavior research and analysis being conducted and studied by the experts that sums up to the conclusion. I couldn’t deny that some of the characters possessed matched me perfectly. Despite the perception, somehow I always believe that a person is different from one to another. It’s the way a person leads his/her life that makes them who they are at the end. Regardless of what the zodiac says about my personality, it is only me who is entitled to determine my character and how to live my life. And that makes me a person I am now. I want to take it easy and enjoy life...

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