Thursday, January 31, 2008

Makan2 @ Kenny Rogers

It's nice to go out for lunch early once in a while. So that was what I did yesterday. Me and a few other colleagues decided to go out quite early for lunch, and the destination was Subang Parade. Subang Parade kept such a lot of fond memories during my study years, as we always loitering at the place when there's no class, meeting friends and such. Nothing much has changed since then, I can still recognize where the exact shops are located, and where to find things needed. So we decided just take a walk around for a while and decided to go for makan at Kenny Rogers. I haven't been to this place for quite some time, so it kinda excites me a little loooking at the chickens rolling in the oven. The muffin is to die for, though. No place can ever compare the delicious muffins made by Kenny Rogers I can say. Nothing much has changed, except for the price and the interior of the restaurant, so nicely decorated nowadays... heheheh! So we all decided to take quarter chicken with the 3 side dishes. lots of varirties of side dishes to choose, and I'm settled for mac & cheese, coleslaw and gagrden salads.
Fizi took the quarter chic with mac & cheese, fruit salad and mash potatoes... ...while Ryan opt for garden salad, mash potatoes and potatoes w herbs, all served with muffins. We ate religiously due to great starvation and in 10 minutes, everything was settled.
Great food! Good service! Those who haven't been to Kenny Rogers for some time, why not think about visitin the place again? You will not regret it...

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