Friday, February 1, 2008

Hari Wilayah holiday and the oil change...

Selamat hari Wilayah to all KL, Putrajaya and Labuan people!! It's such a lovely day today since the road is quite clear everywhere. Yeahh!! I'm working in Selangor, but we have a meeting today in an empty KL, where all roads were quite clear this morning. Bestnya.. wish KL could be like this everyday... Heheh!
Anyway, as I'm going back to Terengganu again tonight, so hafta settle a few things beforehand. Need to service my car before I proceed with the long journey back home. Went to this malay workshop at first, only to find out that I'm so totally annoyed by the workers there. When I'm asking one of the worker there whether I can do service there, they only answered yes and ignored me. Nobody seems to care when I eneterd the workshop, when I can totally see a few of them chatting over one side while looking the engine and a few others lepaking by the motorbike. I just don't understand why! Feeling so pissed, I decided to get off... F**k off guys.. you don't deserve any of my money... A totally different situation when I went to this chinese workshop, only to be greeted immediately by one of the worker there with smile, asking for problems and immediately giving the solutions. Totally different situation overall! I don't mean to brag about this but this truly shows that malays really don't know customer service, don't respect their customers and don't know how to do business... what more to appreciate their customer, and that explains why these people are successful in their business. Anyway, did a major service to the car. Lots of problems lately with the car, especially when the milage is already amounting at 165k, such as:
1. Noisy sound from engine
2. Timing belt already passed the limit.
3. Noisy aircond belt when aircond is on.
4. Experienced hiccups while driving.
5. Oil change really needed as it is almost 10k since I last change it. Well, so much for the problems eh? They did their best to service the car, which includes the oil change, engine flush and cleansing, and change of the timing belt, aircond belt and fan belt. They even did the allignment free of change, and charge only a minimum labor charge of RM10, all at RM600. I guess it is worth the money with the good service, good customer service and I'm satisfied and don't get annoyed at all. Freindly mechanics, good PR at the reception, fast service... The amoi even went out from the office to wave me goodby when I wanna go home. Isn't that part of the good customer service? I'm satisfied, and now ready to go back to Terengganu.

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