Monday, February 18, 2008

The new Water Fountain

I'm always finding ways to improve the looks of my small pond in my balcony.. and when I found a new water fountain vase, I definitely can't resist it. It was actually a lamp, complete with the shades and all. But being so creative cum naughty a bit, I decided to tear off the upper part placing the methol and the shades, and try to find a more reasonable price to buy it, by changing the tag.. Hahaah! I know I'm such a bad person, but I still have a courtesy to buy it rather than just steal it, right? Hahahah! The nyonya at that shop just let me buy it, at RM30 after discount.. Hahah! Cheap eh? The original price was at RM50, but considering I took off the menthol and the shades, it's quite the right price to purchase the vase. Isn't that just beautiful? I 'm satisfied now that at last the vase completes the water feature of the balcony.. I'm happy!! Now what i'm gonna do with the old one? Any ideas?

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