Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cuti2 @ Pangkor Island 2

The second day of the stay must be spent to the max. Woke up rather early in the morning, and ready for any activities for the morning. The morning secneries of Teluk Nipah Bay. Undoubtedly there are so many people filling up the beach area during the day, which makes the beach more alive, but less personalized... Still, the scenery of the beach and the nearby islands makes it really wonderful.. which u can't describe in words of the beauty.. What activities to do today? I'm ready for a walk to the Monkey island as the water tide is low in the morning, so we can just take a slow walk while checking out the gamat or sea cucumber in its natural habitats. Something interesing eh? Hafta wait till 11am to take a walk since this is when the water level is really low.. It's 11am, we are all ready for the walk to the Monkey Island, 1,2,3.. here we go.. .. many people took a walk towards the island whilst enjoying the mooments in the middle of the beach. It's a freaking sunny morning that makes it quite hot, but it's worth the walk. Along the way, we can see lots of gamat (sea cucumber) and another weird concubine like creature, which is pretty colorful in the sunshine. We finally reach the island.. took a few shots of photos and head back to the main island... Along the way back, we are lucky enough to see the half bodied fish swimming around, ...and a bunch of guys trying to catch the stingray, and small octopus. Hahahah! They finally managed to get the stingray and put it safely with the octopus. The family's so happy getting those... You can tell from the smile in their face Back to the beach.. the rest were jumping into the water while I'm just resting on the hammock under the tree.. It's so refreshing and peaceful here! Just wish I could stay another day..Pirates of the Carribean! Jack Sparrow is coming to Teluk Nipah! Just love, love, love all the photos taken that I felt I must share with all!We have to be out by noon, so, packed up to check-out from the chalet already.
It's quite a nice chalet, though quite basic but still acceptable. Checked out the colorful stalls and bought some souvenirs home.. Took a bus ride back to the jetty packed with all kinds of homo sapiens.. which cost 2 hours of our waiting time for the ferry.. and arrived at Lumut safely, before we headed back to KL. Such a lovely trip! Worth the time and money spent!

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