Saturday, February 2, 2008

The supplements and the barber shop

While waiting for the car to be serviced, I wander around the shophouses in Bandar Tasik Selatan and went to this newly opened pharmacy in the area. Suddenly I realized that my daily supplements are alreday out of stock, and found out that the pharmacy is having a sale on their vitamins and supplements rack. Checked out the supplements I need such as Fish Oil and Vitamin C, but only managed to get a good value for money price for Fish Oil, at RM99 for 2 bottles of 150 capsules each. Lechitin also sold at RM26.70 compared to the original price of RM45, almost half price off eh? And for each RM50 spent, we are entitled to buy the 30 capsules bottle of selected vitamins at RM5 only. So since I'm entitled for 3 additional 3 bottles at RM5, I took another 30 capsules bottle of the fish oil, and 2 bottles of Vitamin E. All worth at RM150 overall... Ain't that a good deal? So for good deal of health supplements, go visit this pharmacy at the shophouses in front of the sports complex in Bandar Tasik Selatan. What's the name of the pharmacy.. sorry babe.. i don't remember it at all already.
Then, thinking of cutting my hair short , so visited the barber shop near the pharmacy... and get the hait cut really2 short, like almost bald... hahah! It's easier for the barber to cut the hair like the army, so it won't take long to settle it... In 5 minutes.. done!! And he charged only RM7 for the cut.. very cheap! Now I can feel the air is flowing thru my hair already... and I'm so comfortable with the almost bald hair, feel so 'light and easy'... eh! isn't that the name of the radio station? Hahahah! Oh noooooo! I'm getting bald already!!! Heheheh!
Went to the Pet shop around the area too... I'll update more of the cats photos from the pet shop soon...
Have a great weekend ahead you alll!!

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