Sunday, February 24, 2008

Which car to choose?

I'm thinking of getting myself a new car. So, today I spent my day visiting a few showrooms.. Some romours spread that the second hand car velues will be drowning to the drain after the election, and according to them, if you wanna switch to new car, this is the time.. right before election! I'm so buying the idea, and that means I hafta loose the car to a new one! Soooo.. the hunt for new car officially begins now!!
First stop: Toyota showroom. I was thinking of checking out the new Toyota Rush as many said that it is quite a nice vehicle. And it is quite true.. only form the outer looks. It has such a nice shape, almost like a CRV, but the interior is so cheap looking type like Avanza. Not impressive. So it is back to my choice, VIOS for the main choice from Toyota. Though the shape is slightly funny like fat froggy type,it's within my budget and the car is also presentable. Somehow, I just don't understand why people always say this car is so gay. At least a few of my friends said that.. Any reason why? For now, I'm trying to work out with the salesperson so that the 10% will be settled thru the discounts, NCB and the trade in. They are taking my car at a quite high trade in value.. so let's see how it work.. Anyway, more showrooms to go.

2nd stop: Nissan showroom. I always like Nissan Sentra on the road. That's the reason why I stopped by to check out what Nissan can offer for Sentra. It seems that they can offer a high trade in value and good car quality with 1.6cc. It's definitely high on my list..

3rd stop: Honda showroom
The only car within my budget is Honda City, but as soon as i'm checking out the interior of the car, i was quite dissapointed. The space is quite small, even Wira is slightly bigger in terms of space, and it's 1.5cc. I used to love the car very much, but anyway, they can only offer lower trade-in for my car, so I may be scrapping this out from my list. Heeheh!

4th stop: Proton's showroom
Just checking out again what Persone can offer in terms of price and the car itself. It is a good car anyway, value for money. Just dont like the interior which I think doesn't represent the outlook of Persona itself. But good buy anyway!
I was thinking of visiting Kah Motor to check out the new Hyundai Accent, but unfortunately it was closed. May be I'll check it out tomorrow.
So which car is attracts my attention now? It's either Nissan Sentra of Toyota Vios.. Any ideas?


anonymous from the previous post said...


Toyota Rush - from the outside, its very cool.never have the chance to view the interior.If it looks like avanza, hmm tak best lah.

Vios - its nice, tp mcm typical.

nissan - its ok.

honda - my mom drives honda city and honestly, the driving perofmance is so cool.i dont mind driving untill tganu with honda.

so basically, you follow your instincts.Which one suits you the most cause at the end of the day, the car is gonna be your best friend.Tell me which one you choose k? :)

My dream car would be suzuki swift regardless what people say! :)

NIKO75 said...

I just fall in love with Nissan Latio.. Had a chance to test drive today.. and the performance is at top notch. Check out my next entry man.. But Sentra is really what I see myself driving in now.. I'm really having a headache now.. is it Sentra.. or Latio sedan?