Monday, February 25, 2008

Another Busy Day

I'm now at Starbucks Cafe of Bangsar accessing the internet whilst sipping the marvelous taste of my favorite black coffee. Somehow this place is my favorite since it's quite secluded from the mass and you can really relax with a peace mind here...
Anyway, It's just another busy day at work today. The team leads are busy with getting the priorities straight.. the team is busy with getting new instructions and directions, the plan keeps changing and the direction keeps circling around to the unknown destiny. Sometimes I'm tired, and sometimes I'm just thinking of freezing my work and play busy like some of the people I knew.. heheh! Pressure at work keeps building up, and it demands me to be prepared with all the knowldege of the project as well as the system technically.. Sometimes it felt like I can't cope with all those on job training bullshit, but sometimes I feel like it is more challenging that way.. You get to know new things everyday, you gotta surprise yourself with the new experiences, and you can test your skills by portraying your con and insult(consult) expertise of the subject matter to the customers. I just don't know what to expect, but one thing for sure, I wanna acquire the skills that these people have here so I can prepare myself to the bigger challenges in the future.

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