Monday, February 18, 2008

Makan2 @ California Kitchen Pizza

Right after finishing the entry test last Saturday, I went to KLCC to meet my friend. We end up dining at California Kitchen Pizza, a place where I used to be a regular years ago. It is such a nice place for a quiet dining in the evening, with not so many people around the premise. The menu came, and of course the BBQ Chicken Pizza here is to die for. The must have on the menu every single time I visited the place. I also ordered Thai Spagetti, a new menu to try out. It turns out its' not that good. I usually ordered Kung Pao Spagetti during my early visits years ago, but now it is mixed with alcohol so I won't be able to order the menu again.. Too bad!
Anyway.. It's Saturday, so there are many people outside the fountain. I chose a seat with the surrounding scenery of the buildings and water feature of KLCC. It's such an amazing view of KL downtown surrounding the twin brothers, mostly the new apartments built. We chatted till late eveing before I headed home to get some rest.. I was so exhausted from the whole day test!

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