Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Makan2 @ Naili's Place

My recent visit to Naili's place in Taman Dato Senu was simply because of the nice Beef Noodles served here. It's just a nice portion served, along the combination of beef and eggs with the noodles. Just good! ANother plus bonus here is the fantastic ambience of the restaurant. The interior design is just fantastic, you can choose whether to sit on the floor, or the dining table for the dine in. The Bali style and usage of woods based design creates a nice environment, and I'm sure people must fall in love with this place. It's just one thing that they need to improve, the quality of the waiters, some of them are just unfriendly and not able to suggest and promote the good food served in the premise. A customer service course provided by the management for them would be good, I guess!
Anyhow, the food and the ambience ware the elements people keep going back to the place..

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