Monday, February 25, 2008

Nissan Latio Test Drive

I just fall in love with Nissan Latio. I managed to schedule for a test drive on Sunday and gotta drive both the Hatchback 1.6 and Sedan 1.8. Somehow the features are soooo cool.. The interior is just superb, the dashboard is just astonishingly luxurious,the back seats are very big and comfortable, and the coolest of all, the intelligent key, which you don't hafta take the key out, simply pressing the button on the door handle or tailgate with your finger. Even the engine startup shares this convenience, just turn the switch without a key to ignite the engine. Just marvelous!
The driving experience is just smooth, and the handling is just superb. White and black is absolutely a match to the car. I don't know, but now i really think Sentra has a serious competitor, at least making it hard for me to choose. The only major point to affect my decision is the trade in value for my Wira, and if I get a Sentra, I will get a better trade-in rate, as part of the promotion for Sentra purchase. I always imagine myself in Sentra, big, strong and masculine Sentra Sport in black, and I'm gonna checkout the Sentra test-drive tomorrow and make my final choice.. SO now it's either Latio Sedan or Sentra Sports? I'm having a headache, any ideas?


Irwan said...

Lepas ni kena la tubuhkan jd geng Nissan.. LOL

NIKO75 said...

yeah dude.. lepas ni ada la geng nissan on the road..