Friday, February 29, 2008

The Sick Friend at Ampang Putri

My friend was admitted to the hospital for a week now, and today she's gonna be discharged. She was diagnosed as having bronchitis and recovers well over a week. As I reached the hospital, I can't help but checking out what's being offered to the customers. Personally, I think that the quality of the hospital is not at par with the competitor like Damansara Specialist. The staff isn't that friendly, and the room.. Ouchhh! Such a boring room! I don't know how one can survive for long in this kind of environment. And you hafta pay the same amount of the money like the one I stayed before in Damansara Specialist. Totally not worth it!. Anyway, I helped her getting discharged, and she ended up getting so much medication for herself. Just hoping that she will get well soon.

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