Saturday, February 16, 2008

Government Entry Test

I'm now resting under the tree with my laptop updating my blog. Just received a letter asking for me to sit for a test for the Diplomatic Officer in the government sector.
Well.. guess I did apply online for the post in the government sector, and today I hafta sit for the whole day test. It's from 9am this morning til 4.30pm later, and I hafta travel to KL, Kg Pandan to be exact, for the exam location in Institute Professional Baitulmal. Anyway, the questions were rather crazy in the morning, asking me from the OPEC and APEX functions and objectives up to the extend of the dasar Ekonomi Baru of the 70s.. which is quite absurd and ridiculous.. Who would remember all those from the 70s? And do we even bother about what happenend in the 70s already? We are moving towards globalization, and the standard of questions set by the government is somehow not potraying and reflecting the govenment mentality and initiatives to move forward. I don't even bother to answer all those anyway...The exam hall is quite big, considering the number of applicants who sit for the exam.. with a few eexam heads to ensure the exam hall is in order and stuff..We have to fill in the multiple coice questions, and later proceed with the essay questions in the evening. Just wish that this will end in no time.. Wish me luck, guys!


Anonymous said...

Somehow, ur blog is pretty interesting.It did not only captured me to read the current posts, but i clicked and read all your older posts.

Love the way u write your blog.

Keep it up.I'll be reading everytime i have the chance.

NIKO75 said...

Thanks anonymous.. Appreciate your feedback!