Thursday, January 24, 2008

TOW The cats in my life

Cat, cats, cats! Still about cat...
Since I last went to the Pet shop and took the photos of those cats, I couldn't stop but thinking about the cats that have been in my life before. Here are the snapshots of those cats:
1. Just a stray cat, but very spoiled and too pampered.
2. Tempirarily owned for breeding purposes. But really2 cute persian with long thick fur.
3. My friends cat, but really gorgeous looking cat, and I personally like this cat so much! Anyway, I stopped having cats as pet as it is quite difficult having a cat while living in the apartment... So, here I am just adoring the cats without having to bring it home... and I'm fine with it!

1 comment:

Beruang Madu said...

jangan macam tu lah bro... I pun tinggal kat apartment jugak...tapi i dah bela ramai kucing...