Thursday, January 3, 2008

TOW Follow-Up Appointment

Shoootttt!! Something wrong either with my USB cable or my phone. I wouldn't be able to transfer all the photos I took all these while. What's wrong? I need to figure it out fast...
Anyway, yesterday morning was the day for my follow-up appointment with the doctor. It's been a week since I got discharged and today I managed to see the cool doctor again. The doctor is the coolest doctor I've ever seen in my life. He treats the patients like his own family, making the patients feels right at home. As I enter the office, I was quite shocked to see how nice his office is. I've been to a few hospitals already and quite impressed to see how well maintained the doctor's office and how friendly the assistant is. If only I can share the photos with you guys..
Anyway, Damansara Specialist really made a good impression for its patients and the overall community in KL, compared to other hospitals in KL that don't really care about the customer service, I salute Damasara Specialist for its human touch to ensure everybody is happy. Anyway, he had a brief check-up and informed me that I'm in a good condition, i.e. totally recovered already. Yahooo! This is 2008 already and I wanna leave the sick year behind far away from me.
Check out the looks of the doctor's room... SO nice and cozy, isn't it? This is the doctor.. stylo beb!

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