Sunday, January 13, 2008

TOW The Cold Rainy Day

Lately, it's been raining almost every evening in KL. Somehow I like the rainy weather. It creates such a wonderful gloomy yet yet cold and peaceful ambience around.. and I really love it Somehow, rain is a gift from God, so everyone must appreciate it.. and be thankful to God for that gift. Imagine if Malaysia is without rain, like in Africa and other places, I wonder how would the place turn up to be. The place will be dull and boring, with minimal greenery and less trees and plants around. No way!! I'm at Coffee Beans @ Bangsar writing this entry when it's starting to rain.. and it is such a wonderful evening in Bangsar. I can smell the fresh air and feel the splash of the rain splashing at my face softly.. what a wonderful moment! Not being sentimental or anything here.. just spending more time looking at the rain, appreciate the sound of it..and try to enjoy the cool nice evening weather here in Bangsar while it last.

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